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About us

Greenllood, since 1993

Greenllood is a company with more than 25 years of professional experience in the design and installation of tailor-made solutions for waste treatment. The company has different business divisions, all of them focused on the supply and distribution of machinery and equipment for the treatment of industrial, urban and sanitary waste, offering practical, adjusted and efficient solutions for all its clients.


Greenllood with headquarters in Barcelona and delegation in Valencia offers services with an international scope thanks to its partners in Peru and Mexico. Throughout its entire professional career, the company, in addition to being consolidated in the national territory, develops work in countries such as Portugal, France, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Chile, Panama, Colombia, Algeria, Morocco, etc.

Greenllood works with systems based on the making of “tailored suits” for each client, which can be the industry of all kinds, the municipality, or even the public administration. In addition, with a 360 ° process, Greenllood studies, designs, supplies and starts up different treatment plants for medical and medical waste, waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE’s), plastics, wood or textiles in addition to waste treatment. industrial and dangerous, among many others.

The company that has been offering its services since 1993, is also dedicated to smart waste management (Smart Waste Management Solutions) offering solutions to Smart Cities with the aim of improving the environment and the well-being of people with the development of initiatives and projects that improve the efficiency of waste collection systems. Greenllood represents the best European brands of machinery factories offering its customers quality and efficiency in all its products and facilities. Greenllood shows its expertise in the performance and recovery of waste, complying with its environmental commitment and offering solutions to its clients that encompass four key points, demonstrable experience, quality in any equipment supplied to companies, effectiveness and functionality in any operation carried out. and fast support before any question or doubt on the part of the consumer. In his professional career, Greenllood has developed different projects for companies of different kinds, among which Ikea, Mercadona, Ferrovial, Ausonia, Bimbo or the business group Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC) Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT).

Our Values


In Green Llood we have demonstrable experience


We offer the highest quality in the equipment supplied


One of the virtues of Green Llood we are very practical


We give very fast responses to inquiries

Our Services


Supply of equipment for industrial recycling and urban forniture

keys in hand

Study, supply and assembly of waste treatment plants


Comissioning and repair of recycling equipment in general


Of spare parts and recycling equipment consumables

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